In the fast-paced industrial landscape, uptime is everything. That’s why our account professionals are driven to provide cutting-edge electrical fixtures that ensure robust performance and reliability for your machinery and systems. We take immense pride in sourcing products that adhere to the highest industry standards, offering a comprehensive range of heavy-duty wiring devices, industrial-grade light fixtures, and specialized electrical fittings. Our focus on top-quality fixtures empowers you to optimize efficiency and elevate workplace safety, enabling you to drive your business forward with utmost confidence.

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Industrial FAQs

We offer standard parcel delivery, LTL options and provide our own daily regional deliveries. We have multiple regional routes that we deliver to Monday through Friday. If we have your order in stock, we can have it to you the same day or next day.

We help our customers source hard to find parts and equipment everyday. We can also make recommendations for direct replacement parts for obsolete and factory backordered parts. We understand how critical it is to provide the parts you need to keep your facility safe and profitable.

With almost 50 years of experience, we have and extensive network of specialists we work with to help our customers solve unique problems and keep their facilities safe and profitable.

We understand that many issues can arise outside of normal business hours and offer Emergency 24 hour support to our Industrial manufacturing partners. Just call our office number and, if its outside regular office hours, there will be an emergency contact listed in the recorded message.